Michael Taylor search forms a partnership with each client offering a tailored client focused approach. We base our service on trust and principal, ensuring that we build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We offer:

  • A Specification Meeting

    This will help us to fully understand your business and formulate a detailed job description.

  • Research Process

    We will then analyse the market, which in turn will lead to approaching and shortlisting relevant candidates.

  • Interviewing and Referencing

    Candidates will then be interviewed face to face and have undergone an in-depth referencing process.

  • Impartial advice and a flexible service

    We aim to help you in meeting your recruitment needs. We’ll do this by tailoring the recruitment process to meet your specification, timeline and business requirements.

  • We recruit for a variety of roles, including: sales, planning, design, commercial and operational positions.


Contingency Recruitment

Michael Taylor search will take a detailed specification and put a plan in place. We’ll only charge the client once we successfully fill the vacancy.

Contract / Freelance

The company runs payroll and bills the client weekly while Michael Taylor search will administer all hiring paperwork. Michael Taylor search will also manage the professional. Staying in close contact with the client and communicating with the worker regarding any issues that may arise.

Executive Search / Retained Assignment

A specialised recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions. The service will encompass detailed market research and then a targeted headhunt campaign.